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Useful articles

Eyebrows as part of the image!

Five years ago no one gave eyebrows such a value, but today beautiful eyebrows are an integral part of the image of every attractive woman, a kind of trend in the world of beauty. A regular care for them - a regular item on the list of beauty cases. And not in vain – not well-groomed eyebrows can easily spoil even the most spectacular and flawless makeup, and their wrong form - distort the most lovely features, not to mention the color. After all, often the owners of not very bright and expressive eyebrows by nature in pursuit of the ideal resort to coloring, while neglecting the services of the master. In most cases, the effect is far from ideal, because it's rather difficult without experience to predict how the paint behaves or to determine how long it takes to get the desired shade. As for men - do you think that what is written here has nothing to do with you? Believe me, you are mistaken. Now eyebrow correction is not only the destiny of the beautiful half of humanity. Many celebrities such as David Beckham, Donald Sutherland, have long resorted to it. Of course, the principles of male correction is quite different from the female one and entrust this procedure to an experienced master, but as a result, well-groomed eyebrows will adorn any man. Ideal eyebrows should look neat, their shape should be matched to the shape of your face, and the color harmoniously combined with the color of your hair. And who is a qualified broker of our salon who will help you in this? Sign up for correction in the beauty salon "Cosa and Boroda" and have a pleasant pastime, good mood and, of course, perfect eyebrows are guaranteed to you.

Polishing hair

What is polishing hair? The essence of the procedure is to remove the sticking dry and marked tips along the entire length. In this case, the length of the hair as a whole is preserved, but the split hair disappears, due to which the hair becomes more smooth and well-groomed. Want to get rid of the hair ends you've seen and not lose in total length? Then polishing hair for you. Polishing is suitable for hair that:

  • * constantly exposed to hot hair dryer, ironing and curling;
  • * is stained, discolored;
  • * is damaged by chemical wave;
  • * is prone to dryness and brittle hair;
  • * as well as for girls who want to grow hair and they are dear every millimeter of length.
Attended hair can not be restored and this is a well-known fact and the only way to get rid of the cut hair is to cut them. But, when the hair is cut not only at the ends, but along the entire length, then it is rather difficult to cut the split hair and at the same time keep the length. This problem is solved by polishing the hair, plus the procedure:
  • * hair looks well-groomed about 3-4 months, more smooth and soft;
  • * retracts from 70 to 90% of split ends along the entire length;
  • * hair ceases to be confused and easily combed;
  • * prevention of split ends;
  • * perfectly smooth cut of the hair, which can only be obtained with a hair machine;
  • * only the tips of hair from 3 to 10 mm are cut off, the length remains practically unchanged.
How does the procedure work? Hair polishing is performed with the hair clipper with HG Polishen nozzles (all nozzles are the same, they are classified only by the width of the knife block and the connection point with the machine). The procedure is done on washed, clean hair that is divided into strands. The clean hair is applied with thermal protection, then the hair is stretched with ironing, it is important to straighten the hair properly so that the machine only grasps damaged hair.

Cryomassage of the head!

Cryomassage of the head is a massage manipulation performed on the scalp with the help of low-temperature liquid nitrogen. This procedure has been used in cosmetology and medicine for quite some time. The therapeutic effect is proved not without foundation. Trichology this method successfully uses as a treatment for various pathologies of the scalp, namely, skin and hair diseases. Cryomassage of the scalp appears when:

  • * Diffuse hair loss.
  • * Seborrhea.
  • * Slow hair growth.
  • * Poor hair condition (lack of gloss, cross section).
  • * Dandruff.
  • * Itching itch.
The treatment with nitrogen improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin cells, positively influences the operation of blood vessels, activating many metabolic processes. Hair becomes more elastic, shiny and strong. Sharp cooling causes vasospasm, followed by enlargement. As a result, the blood flow increases, feeding hair bulbs and restoring active hair growth. After about 15 minutes, the patient will begin to feel an active surge of heat to the head. Cryomassage of the head with liquid nitrogen has an anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effect. The scalp becomes more elastic, the formation of pustules is markedly stopped due to the fact that the treatment with liquid nitrogen balances the sebum secretion. How is the procedure performed As a rule, the procedure is performed by a special applicator, which is a wooden stick with a cotton swab. The applicator is immersed in a vessel with liquid nitrogen, then the composition along the massage lines is applied lightly. The patient experiences only a slight tingling sensation. The procedure can be repeated up to 3 times a week. Most often, the course of treatment with liquid nitrogen is 10-15 sessions. Duration of 1 session takes no more than 5-8 minutes. Cryomassage of the head is an absolutely safe procedure. All possible damage to the scalp is completely excluded.
  • * With full payment of the cryomassage course of the head with one payment, a 20% discount.!